One day in November 2023, I received a box in the mail, and inside was an amazing advent calendar made up of small boxes, all numbered 1-25. Of course, I recognized it was a calendar, but each had a funny sound that rattled a bit! Could it be buttons? Who was it from? Why me?

Honestly, I cheated immediately and opened #1 - and sure enough, there was a tiny wrapped button! Then I investigated the name, and it was Ruth Battams MacNeil. Ruth is the daughter of one of my dearest Gananoque, ON, friends. My friend died a few years ago, and I had no idea that her daughter, Ruth, liked buttons and, better still, was now a real collector!

But my friends, it was early November, and I had to wait until December 2 to open the second box. My husband says he is proud of me as I did not cheat! Now, each morning of this Christmas Season, 2023, I rush downstairs at dawn to open my next box. I will keep you posted with photographs of my new buttons.

First four days of December - left to right. #4 is has a glass center.

May every Ottawa Valley Button Club member have a lovely Christmas season. Thanks to our new member, Ruth, for her thoughtfulness and creative gift.

Susie Smith

December 6 - Well the 5th is an amazing glass button with a black glass centrepiece.. and Dec. 6 is a Bakelite. A Pineapple too...
Bottom row, L to R - December 1-6, Top row, L to R. December 7-9 (Simone K eat your heart out, I have a darling new windmill #9,... ) #8 has a German Backmark. 
December 16, 2023 - Bottom row L-R 1-6; Row two 7-12; Top row 13-16. Each one is amazing. What a lucky girl I am!
Start at the bottom left and move to the Right - then next row up and so on. The second to last button is a tiny Goofie - Mr. Turtle. and the last button December 24th is a thread back button. Now I just wrote to my friend who presented this to me and said I just heard that the real Advent Calendar starts on January 1. Not sure she will fall for that... But suffice to say Susie Smith jumped out of bed everyday in anticipation. Thanks Ms. Ruth. Bravo and much appreciated.