As Ontario is in its second major Covid Shelter in Place, we thought it would be fun to post Button projects or information to help us through the long days at home!

Our first comes from Micheline Gravel.

May 7, 2021

No need to spend a lot on button containers - one week of shopping at the grocery store will give you egg cartons, styrofoam trays and, and, and.  Then Mother's Day may mean chocolate. I give the kids the chocolate and keep the box, much more valuable.

April 22, 2021

How do you store your Bulletins and Newsletters? I put mine in the inexpensive photo boxes from the craft store. they are just the right size and you can sort them byyear.

Storage boxes for Bulletins and Newsletters 

And what about your button supplies . . .  I wish I could say mine are neat and tidy, but hey, they are all there. I just need to find the right "thing-a-ma-jig"

Work stations are the most fun to arrange or in my case not arrange. 

April 24, 2021

This is not all about me, but I am wondering if you have had the same problem(s). We have a plumber coming today to fix an outside faucet - which happens to be inside in my button room.. So I moved out the corner, but then discovered a whole bunch of treasures I had forgotten about such as a long-lost tray of buttons and small card of uniform buttons I never knew I had. Not bad for a morning's work. (and I took a photo so I would remember how it all goes back!